About the Folk Heritage Committee

The Folk Heritage Committee is a group of dedicated individuals who work throughout the year to produce the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival and Shindig on the Green . The committee has ensured the continuity of the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival since 1928 – making it the longest running folk festival in the country. The mission of the Folk Heritage Committee is to preserve and present the musical heritage of the Southern Appalachians to audiences who attend from throughout the region and world, for entertainment and education.  

The Folk Heritage Committee operates under the umbrella of the Community Betterment Foundation (a part of the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce) which provides support via its fiscal and legal oversight of the Committee’s activities. However, The Folk Heritage Committee does not receive funding from the Community Betterment Foundation or Chamber of Commerce, and is independently responsible for raising funds necessary to produce the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival and Shindig on the Green. Click here to donate.

The 2017 Folk Heritage Committee consists of 15 dedicated community volunteers who represent a wide range of skills and talents, and who are active participants in the region’s music and dance communities. 

To contact, the Folk Heritage Committee, send an email to:
info@folkheritage.org or leave a message at the Committee’s Info Line number: (828)258-6101 x345 and a member of the committee will be back to you.

2017 Folk Heritage Committee:

   Jeff Atkins, Glenn Bannerman, Loretta Freeman, Bob Gregory, Bill Hansen, MaryJane Hunter, Sandra Hunter, Judy Miller, Carol Peterson, Rebecca Pressley, Ronald Rhodes, Linda Smathers, Jerry Sutton, Bill Wolcott, and Eric Zachary. 


Jackie Allison, Leesa Brandon, Richard Hurley,
Jerry Israel, Bruce Peterson, Carol Rifkin, Kathy Roberts, Elly Wells and Kent Withington