Thursday, August 4, 2016

Masters of Ceremonies: Carol Rifkin and Jerry Sutton

Welcome: Ed Herron

Intro: Grey Eagle

Stoney Creek Boys - House Band with buck dancers

Betty Smith

Zoe & Cloyd

Dance Team:  Fines Creek Flatfooters 

Rhiannon & the Relics

Spirit Fiddle

Carol Rifkin & Jeanette Queen

Dance Team:  Folk Heritage Smooth Dancers

ClinchField Mountain Boys

Sit Down Square Dance

~ Intermission ~

Dance Team:  Bannerman Family and Friends

Over Mountain

Don Pedi

Dance Team:  Dixie Darlin’ Cloggers

Buncombe Turnpike

Bryce Parham & Kathryn Brickey

Dance Team:  Appalachian Mountaineers

Donna Ray Norton

Whitewater Bluegrass Company

Grand Finale

Friday, August 5, 2016

Masters of Ceremonies: Laura Boosinger and Kevin Hamlin

Welcome: Ed Herron

Intro: Grey Eagle

Stoney Creek Boys – House Band  with buck dancers

Leonard Hollifield, Sr. & Jr.

Spirit Fiddle

Dance Team: Cole Mountain Smooth & Folk Heritage Smooth Dancers

Maggie Lauterer & Zack Allen

The New Broad River Band

Dance Team:  Blue Ridge Heritage Cloggers

Richard Hurley

The Midnight Plowboys

Sit Down Square Dance

~ Intermission ~

Dance Team:  Cole Mountain Cloggers

Shape Note Singers


Dance Team:  J Creek Cloggers

George and Brooke Buckner

Clearwater Connection

Joe Penland

Dance Team:  Stoney Creek Cloggers

Bobby & Blue Ridge Tradition

Grand Finale

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Masters of Ceremonies: Richard Hurley and Glenn Bannerman

Welcome: Ed Herron

Intro: Grey Eagle

Stoney Creek Boys – House Band   with buck dancers

Dance Team:  Mountain Tradition Cloggers

Honey Holler

Peg Twisters

Dance Team:  Southern Mountain Fire Smooth

Lillian Chase and the New Potatoes

Dance Team:  Southern Appalachian Cloggers

Garnet Ridge Ramblers

Roger Howell


Sit Down Square Dance

~ Intermission ~

Dance Team:  Green Valley Cloggers

Hogtown Squealers

Bryan Sutton

The Griggs

Dance Team:  Southern Mountain Fire

Spirit Fiddle

Carolina Express

Southern Highlanders

Crooked Pine

Grand Finale

*Performers and schedule are subject to change at any time.


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