The Fiddler Painting

Ann Vasilik,
The Fiddler
, 2002, watercolor on paper,
19 ľ x 21 ĺ in.
© Folk Heritage Committee.

Local painter Ann Vasilik created this painting to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival. The painting, which Vasilik has donated to the festivalís organizers, captures the essence of the Festival through its portrayal of old-time musician Fiddliní Bill Hensley with traditional square dancers and the Festivalís signature homemade quilts in the background.

Ann Vasilik came across a picture of Hensley as she reviewed volumes of archival photos and news clippings from throughout the Festivalís 75-year history in Asheville. According to Vasilik, she settled on this particular musician as her primary subject matter for the painting because he represents well the spirit of the event. She liked the strong character and posture that he conveyed, as well as the fact that as an elder member of the community sharing his skill he symbolizes the passing down of the regionís musical heritage.

 Vasilik, who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from the Philadelphia College of Art, has lived in Asheville since 1988 where she celebrates the region through her original paintings. Additionally, Vasilik creates many commissioned works and leads painting workshops in the Southeast. Her website is found at